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Vine Montessori

For the 2022-23 school year, Vine Montessori offers joyful, full-time, individualized learning five days a week.  In this inaugural year, experienced and Montessori-certified Guide Amy Galarowicz will lead learning.  The school will consist of learners aged six to nine years old in a small class size.


Vine Montessori seeks to build our community from racially and ethnically diverse families, as it is in heaven. Provisionally located in the town of Verona, our lovely, inviting classroom will serve as the launch pad for exploration of God’s exquisite creation.


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...that works with every child's God-given drive toward independence; each child is taught to teach herself.

...where children make many choices each day. Living with consequences of choices helps children develop initiative and handle responsibility. A safe place to learn from mistakes is essential.

...guides hold carefully the delicate balance of freedom within limits, providing respectful and positive guidance as needed. This helps students develop both inner discipline and pluck.

Mission Statement

We are building a community of children, parents, staff, and church family members all working together to help each student discover who God made them to be. Exploring His creation with wonder through academic inquiry, guided by a robust Montessori curriculum, we will empower and equip children to find their place in God's intricate design.

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