Meet Amy

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Amy Galarowicz

Lead Guide and Founder of Vine Montessori


"My journey with Montessori began at the age of four, when my family took the bold step of joining a start-up school.  Over the next six years, I enjoyed the incomparable satisfaction of choosing my work.  When asked what I learned in Montessori school, I respond with a smile that, “I learned how to learn.”  Joy of learning has carried me through life, from high-school salutatorian to a bachelor’s in engineering and onward.   Along the way, all other knowledge came into eternal perspective once I discovered God’s living word, the Bible, as the source of all truth."


After 10 fascinating years working as an industrial application engineer, I switched to raising my two sons full time.  Along the way, I discovered marvelous things were often unleashed whenever I chose to, "Never do for a boy what he can do for himself." Those words, from scouting's founder, Lord Baden-Powell, sum up my approach to life:  in parenting as well as working in various youth mentoring roles.  I have volunteered in Boy Scouts of America since 2005, serving as Cubmaster for 45 boys and in other roles.

As a Youth Ministry Team member for 7 years, I have learned the value of asking the right questions and listening more than I speak.  I instinctively seek out ways to equip young learners to find answers for themselves, but then get out of their way.  It is energizing to  empower children for adventures, but also a blessing when, afterward, we together pause and reflect on their experiences.


In 2015, I embarked on my journey to become a Montessori guide. Montessori Elementary I & II certified (ages 6-12) and now with five years of classroom experience, I am eager and equipped to respond to God's call on my life, that is, leading a Montessori Elementary learning environment. Through commitment to strong academic inquiry and by, as Dr. Montessori exhorted, "Following the child" Vine Montessori is here to guide each child in wonder and curiosity.


What People Say

I've been a pupil of Amy for two years now, and during those two years I've had the best school experience in my entire life. At the end of my first school year, I've become more of an independent person. She also taught me how to cooperate with others thanks to her team challenges, which was something I really needed at the time. She was able to make something so extremely hard for me much easier.

                                                 - Kieran, 5th year student

Amy Galarowicz is a wonderful teacher. She is very patient and a hands-on teacher. My son was very fortunate to have her as his teacher for 3 years. She helped him build a sturdy foundation for learning in his elementary school years which is helping him now as he navigates through Middle School.  She is always very friendly and approachable. Mrs. Galarowicz was always available to help him through any difficulties that he had while studying but she always encouraged him and let him find his own answers rather than provide solutions. This helped him be a more confident learner.

                                                 - Pooja, Parent 

It has been a blessing serving with Amy over the last five years.  Her heart for serving children and her commitment to helping them grow as people and as Christians is an encouragement to everyone who serves with her.  She is always willing to give of herself beyond what is expected.  Perhaps the greatest testimony to her service is how much the children she ministers to love, trust, and respect her.  Amy is indeed a valuable resource for these children, as well as a shining example of integrity, grace, and love.

                                                 - Pastor Lee

If you’re a new student going to Vine Montessori next school year, I can guarantee you that you’re going to have a blast with Mrs. Galarowicz. In my 3 year experience with Mrs. Galarowicz, she is one of the best teachers you’ll ever have. Throughout my school life, I’ve always struggled in math, but when Mrs Galarowicz was my teacher, she helped me with it all! Another one of my favorite memories with Mrs. Galarowicz is that she introduced me to American History in 6th grade and boy did I love it!

                                           -  Diego, 8th year student

We first met Ms. Galarowicz during my son’s 5th grade. She taught my son for 3 years and guided him well.  She brought all her engineering background into her teaching and inspired the kids to learn and build new things. But she really did wonders during the lockdown and running the online school. Arranging different lesson plans and organizing projects for the kids as well as keeping the parents updated, she made online school a pleasant experience. Ms. Amy is a bright and engaging teacher and we feel blessed to have her guide our son through his formative years.

                                                 - Kirti, Parent